Share Your Good News and Join in the RHS Celebrations!

Did you have your baby through IVF? We want to hear from you! Did you have your baby via ovulation induction? We want to hear from you! Did you have your baby with help from an IUI? We want to hear from you! Did you get pregnant on your evaluation cycle? You guessed it; we want to hear from you! Regardless of how your miracle happened we want to share in your joy. So share your good news and join the celebrations!

We love to receive birth announcements, private or public messages on Facebook, phone calls, portal messages, or even a personal visit! It doesn’t matter how we hear about your baby news, we will share your announcement with the RHS staff. WE LOVE to ooh and aaah over your gorgeous babies.

How do you join in on the celebrations and fun? It just takes a couple of easy steps to make sure that we have all of the necessary information so that you are able to participate in any current or future RHS celebrations.

First – Complete the pregnancy outcome card (below) that we gave to you when you graduated, and mail it back to us. Has that card gone missing? You can send us a birth announcement, note or call us!

Once the pregnancy outcome card has been received, we’ll mail you the postcard pictured below. Simply click on the link on our “Keep In Touch” page in order to access the “Congratulations – We Heard the Good News” form, enter the password RHSFamily and follow the instructions.  Through this link, you will be able to provide information that allows you to share your joy in a variety of ways.  You can choose to (1) Be invited to the annual RHS party (think zoo!), (2) Add your child to the RHS family tree, or (3) Share pictures to be posted on the RHS website and Facebook.  You can select any or all of these options.  Providing the requested information will permit us to communicate with you regarding any upcoming RHS events. If you have already registered, but wish to make changes to  your preferences, you can do that here also.

We hope to hear from you!

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