IVF Cost Sharing Programs

One Goal:  Helping Every Patient Have a Baby

Approximately one in ten couples will experience difficulty conceiving due to infertility, but with appropriate diagnostic evaluation and treatment, many may achieve their dream of having children.  Assisted reproductive technologies have become increasingly successful in recent years, especially in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

Unfortunately, IVF is a costly procedure that is often excluded from coverage by health insurance plans.  Due to this lack of coverage by insurers, infertility patients are left with the financial burden of infertility treatments with no assurance of conceiving.

To help you with this struggle, we offer two different plans where we share some of the financial risk of IVF.  These plans can help you reduce some of your financial stress related to treatment.  Each program allows you to:

  1. Identify a finite cost for treatment
  2. Pursue treatment(s) that give you the best chance of success
  3. Significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost if treatments are unsuccessful, allowing you the option of pursuing adoption, if you so desire

The new Shared Risk / 100% Refund Program helps to eliminate much of the financial uncertainty from treatment plans by offering you multiple cycles at a fixed fee along with a refunds if the program is not completed successfully.

The Multi-Cycle Discount program allows you an opportunity to undergo two IVF cycles for the price of one and one half cycles.  This program does not include a refund.