Financial Fundamentals

RHS Financial Consulting

Our highly-trained, full-time financial department offers one-on-one financial consulting with patients in order to review all treatment costs.

Initial physician consultation:   $125 – $250*

Intrauterine Insemination:  $295 – $1,200**

IVF – Individual cycle:  $12,250 – $14,000**

*Depending on time spent.

**Depending on individual treatment plans.  See details regarding financial programs available for IVF treatment cycles.

RHS Financial Counselors can assist patients by:

  • Exploring available insurance coverage
  • Reviewing financial payment options for IVF treatment and IVF costs
  • Helping patients select the best payment options available for their treatment plan.

*All prices provided are based on current pricing available. Please check with your financial counselor to verify that no pricing changes have occurred.

In order to ensure accurate and current insurance coverage, RHS recommends that you contact your insurance carrier directly.

Patient Payment and Financial Responsibility Agreement