Financial Fundamentals

RHS Financial Consulting

Our highly-trained, full-time financial department offers one-on-one financial consulting with patients in order to review all treatment costs.

Initial physician consultation:   $125 – $250*

Intrauterine Insemination:  $295 – $1,200**

IVF – Individual cycle:  $12,250 – $14,000**

*Depending on time spent.

**Depending on individual treatment plans.  See details regarding financial programs available for IVF treatment cycles.

RHS Financial Counselors can assist patients by:

  • Exploring available insurance coverage
  • Reviewing financial payment options for IVF treatment and IVF costs
  • Helping patients select the best payment options available for their treatment plan.
*All prices provided are based on current pricing available. Please check with your financial counselor to verify that no pricing changes have occurred.