Fee-for-Service Discount Program

Patients may elect to pay for individual cycles based on the current Fee for Service costs as they undergo treatment. Patients who do not become pregnant on their initial cycle may elect to undergo additional cycles which would be available at a discounted rate.

Initial IVF Cycle Cost/s:  $12,250 – $14,000 depending on individual treatment plan*  Rates for those subsequent cycles would be offered at a discount off of the current Fee for Service costs. (Example: Cycle 2 – 20% discount, Cycle 3 – 30% discount, Cycle 4 and all subsequent cycles needed – 50%)

This discount program applies to fresh Fee For Service IVF patients only.

The discount schedule does not apply to a future treatment series once there is a successful pregnancy/birth.

*Based on current pricing available. Please check with your financial counselor to verify that no pricing changes have occurred