LGBTQ Family Building

istock-154946956-webRHS is proud to help gay, lesbian and transgender individuals and couples realize the dream of creating their families. With us, you will receive exceptional care in an inclusive environment.

During your initial consultation with our physicians, you will discuss your medical history and potential treatment options. If you have a partner, they will also be included. You will also have the option of meeting with a financial counselor. Diagnostic testing will be done for both partners and, once this is complete, your protocol will be finalized and your treatment can begin.

Services for single lesbian women or lesbian couples
Intrauterine insemination using donor sperm
Ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination with donor sperm
IVF with donor sperm
IVF with donor sperm and donor egg
• Reciprocal IVF (eggs from one partner and inseminated via donor sperm and the embryo is transferred to the other partner)
• Use of an egg donor with a gestational carrier for IVF

Services for single gay men or gay couples
• Use of an egg donor with a gestational carrier for IVF

In accordance with ASRM guidelines, patients and partners using donor eggs, donor sperm or a gestational carrier, regardless of marital status, are encouraged to meet with a counselor for additional education and support in their roles as parents of children conceived in non-traditional ways. In some cases, as with the use of a gestational carrier not involved in reciprocal IVF, the counseling may be required. Gestational carrier arrangements are made through agencies and/or private attorneys who specialize in the screening and matching process of intended parents with gestational carriers.

RHS has compiled a list of some local resources that we think will be beneficial for you on your fertility journey. These include: area infertility counselors, western PA RESOLVE peer-led support groups, local attorneys with expertise in reproductive law, and a list of egg and sperm bank information.