Frozen Donor Eggs

In an effort to offer an alternative to standard fresh egg donation, Reproductive Health Specialists is now an affiliate of My Egg Bank in Atlanta, Georgia and also utilizes Fairfax Egg Bank in Fairfax, Virginia.

Some possible advantages of using frozen donor eggs

  • Affordability:
    Egg freezing technology is a competitively priced alternative to fresh donor egg IVF with a proven record of clinical success.
  • No long wait to find your donor:
    For most patients, these culturally diverse databases of egg donors can eliminate the longer matching process associated with standard fresh egg donation.
  • Convenience:
    When using an egg bank, the egg donation cycle is completely planned around your busy schedule, eliminating the need to synchronize your cycle to that of the egg donor.

How to get started

The process is simple and begins with an RHS physician consultation. The physician will obtain a thorough history, discuss treatment options, and review the screening requirements. You will also meet with a friendly RHS coordinator who will outline the process for stimulation and donor selection.

Some of the cost of this procedure may be covered by your insurance. Please contact us for more information about insurance coverage and financing options.

To receive more information or to set up an appointment call 412-731-8000.  You can visit the My Egg Bank website at and Fairfax Egg Bank at