Donor Eggs: Treatment for Infertility

As a woman ages, egg number and quality decline and, at the same time, ovarian function diminishes. The precise timing of ovarian aging differs in women and may be recognized before the age of 35. Eventually all women experience ovarian aging and it may be the reason why you cannot conceive.

We may recommend using donor eggs with in vitro fertilization (IVF) to help you become pregnant. In this process we recruit a woman, usually under age 32, to undergo ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. Women who agree to be donors must give up any rights to offspring created using her eggs. Success rates for IVF with egg donation generally exceed 50%, which is more than 3-fold higher than natural reproduction, because the eggs come from young, fertile women.

Egg Donation Program

Our successful egg donation program recruits donors from the Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh areas.  Sometimes a woman may not find a match within our egg donation program.  In this case, we work with two reputable, national egg banks, My Egg Bank and Fairfax Egg Bank, to provide our patients with the diversity that they seek from an egg donation program.

Egg donors are usually anonymous, but if you prefer to use a donor whom you know, we can work with you. All donors are screened according to FDA requirements for egg donor eligibility. We provide psychological counseling and comprehensive patient education for the egg donor, the mother, and partners, which are crucial to the success of the process.

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