Fertility Treatments & Options

We offer a range of fertility services. Although many RHS patients are referred by their OB-GYN, a referral is not required, and many of our patients choose to begin their evaluation with us.

Dr. Kubik talks with a patientEvaluation and diagnosis are the first steps towards treatment. Our doctors will work closely with you to determine a diagnosis and help you choose the appropriate fertility treatment. A fertility coordinator will then educate you on the chosen treatment while working closely with you throughout the entire process.

Call us at 412-731-8000 or 1-800-318-3144 to set up an initial appointment, and we will outline a path to help you have a baby.

Learn more about what infertility is and the different fertility treatment options offered at RHS:

Also watch our video, Fertility Treatments Today. This free video will walk you through the steps of receiving fertility treatment and show how RHS personalizes treatment options for each patient.

Fertility Treatments Today video