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Meet Reproductive Health Specialists

When speaking with our patients, we often learn that they were both curious and apprehensive about their first visit to Reproductive Health Specialists.  They had no idea what to expect when they met our staff and physicians and they couldn’t imagine what our fertility center itself would be like.

When opening their practice in 2000, Dr. Albert and Dr. Kubik believed that patients needed a place where they could receive the most effective procedures and treatments as well as highly personalized care in a soothing, non-clinical environment. They continue to devote their efforts to providing this type of atmosphere for all of their patients. The doctors used their extensive knowledge and experience both practicing and teaching reproductive sciences at leading hospitals to incorporate the most progressive ideas in patient care with the most advanced infertility treatments.  We want our patients to experience this atmosphere before they even set foot in RHS.

We are excited to premier our first video in a new series that will introduce you to RHS.  Over the next few weeks you will also hear Dr. Kubik talk about her love of the practice, and learn from former patients about their experiences at Reproductive Health Specialists.  We hope the series brings you some peace of mind.  Welcome to RHS!!


Dr. Kubik-Why We Do What We Do

Sixteen years ago Dr. Kubik and Dr. Albert decided the needs of their patients would be better served in a private practice.  From the ground up, they designed Reproductive Health Specialists to be comfortable and welcoming.  With the needs of our patients in mind, all of the services required for infertility treatment are housed in one convenient place.

In the second video of our series, Dr. Carolyn Kubik shares the story of how Reproductive Health Specialists was founded, and how we approach our work. Listen to Dr. Kubik talk about her love of our patients and what to expect when we welcome you for your first appointment.  Start your story of hope with RHS.


Amy’s Story of Hope

Amy was referred to RHS by her doctor and family friends after having difficulty in getting pregnant.  Like many of our patients, she felt some anxiety before her appointment, worried that it might not even be possible to conceive.  But then she entered our building.  “When I walked into the reception room and I saw the other people sitting in the lobby just peace came over me, because I realized that I wasn’t alone.”

Hear the story of Amy’s journey with RHS in our newest video.  “It’s not just a job to them.  You can tell this is a passion.

Katy’s Story of Hope

Katy describes her mixed emotions before coming to RHS as nervous, frustrated, curious and hopeful.  “I came in not knowing what to expect.”  This is true of many couples before they come to RHS. But she left recognizing, “I wasn’t a number. I wasn’t a statistic. I wasn’t a specimen.”

In our latest video, you can experience part of Katy’s journey.   “They walked beside me and guided me, giving me options and letting me choose which way to go.”


Kim’s Story of Hope

In this video, meet Kim (and the incredible Annabelle) and hear her tell the story of how Reproductive Health Specialists helped her and her husband conceive their daughter. “I had no idea what to expect, honestly.  I never thought I would have to see a fertility specialist.”

Kim discusses her long road to success (“I wasn’t always positive.  They would say, ‘We’ll be positive for you’.”) She also offers some heartfelt advice for others starting their infertility journey.

This is the final video in this Story of Hope series.  We’d like to thank everyone who participated and hope they have offered you some insight to RHS.  Link to our YouTube channel to see them all!

On October 14, 2016 Dr. Kubik was honored to speak at the 41st Annual Magee Alumni Day of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.  Dr. Kubik delivered the Dr. David Katz Minimally Invasive Lecture, entitled, “The History of In-Vitro Fertilization-We Have Come a Long Way”.  View her entire lecture here.